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  • Unique three-line longitudinal groove, variable angle profile contour design, anti-cracking, anti-grooving, puncture resistance, anti-smashing block, inhibiting deformed grinding.
  • Specific tread for heavy lading and low heat generation recipe effectively reduces the quality risk of shoulder explosion, chipping, groove splitting and crown removal under overload and overspeed conditions.
  • Cap zero belt explosion proof design, effectively improve the cap loading capacity, enhancing the puncture resistance and explosion proof performance under mixed conditions.
  • Reinforced carcass and bead structure, improve the toe fatigue fracture resistance, reduce the quality risk of the toe opening, cracking, explosion, etc.



SKU : 1109501

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RM 1,405.00


Ply Rating

Max. Load (Kg)


Load Index (Single/Dual)

Speed Rating

Overall Diameter (mm)

Section Width (mm)

Standard /inflation Pressure(kPa)

Standard Rim (inch)

11R22.5 18PR 3250/3000 149/146 L 1050 272 930 8.25
12R20 20PR* 4000/3650 156/153 K 1123 315 900 8.5
265/70R19.5 18PR 2725/2575 143/149 K 868 262 930 7.5
295/80R22.5 18PR 3550/3250 152/149 L 1049 295 900 9.0